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Hand Forged Black Iron Tongs 30"
Unique Hand Forged Black Iron Tongs designed to grip logs with a clamp like hold. Complements the Shovel,Brush, and Poker also listed here.

Price: $37.00
High Temperature Stove & Pipe Paint
This high temperature paint is high quality, fast drying, and stable up to 1200° F. Available in all five of our stove casting colors. Not available for Air Shipment.

Price: $14.00
High Wind Termination Cap
Recommended to top off vent pipe in all vertical installations. Prevents wiind gusts from extinguishing flame or pilot in stove.

Price: $93.00
Horizontal Square High Wind Termination Cap
For through-the-wall horizontal installations in high wind conditions, this piece caps off the vent pipe installation on the exterior wall and maintains separation between intake air and exhaust. Helps prevent wind gusts from extinguishing pilot and flame in the stove.

Price: $231.00
Horizontal Termination Cap
Termination Cap for the Mini Up and Out Set up

Price: $86.00