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3 Piece Owl Tool Set

3 Piece Owl Tool Set
This 3 piece tool set comes with a stove rake to slide the ashes over a bottom grate to sift the fine ash into a separate pan below. The poker will allow you to move the logs around into position inside of the firebox and the shovel can be used to remove the ashes through the load door if you so please or for stoves that don't have ashpans in them. The quirky ideas are designed by our talented artist that has developed our Ideal Steel designs and the tools were initially part of the Steal Of The Month's that we offer for this stove. If you have an Ideal Steel, there is also a special tool hanger available that will hang from the side of the stove that will allow you to hang the three tools and there is also a free standing tool stand available that can hang the tools if you have one of the other stoves. Each tool is approximately 26" long, made from steel here at our facility, and painted black. On a side note the weight of the tool set is based on the dimensional weight from UPS as it needs to ship in a larger oversize box to protect it in shipment.
Weight 25.00 lbs
Price: $60.00