Ash Lip

Ash Lip
The ash lip is is a required part when ordering a Progress Hybrid with the short leg kit, and an optional add-on for the tall legs.

The Progress Hybrid "ash lip" is not actually designed to collect ash as the name denotes, but it has the appearance of an ash lip. The function of the ash lip is to deflect the heat that is projected out of the viewing window away from the hearth below. As mentioned above the ash lip is required when the short legs are installed.

Tall Leg optional add-on: When you use the ash lip with the tall legs the front hearth clearance can be reduced from 12" down to 8", and the required R Value can be reduced from R .80 to R .41

The ash lip is painted to match the cast iron color of the stove. The standard cast iron color options are: Matte Black, Charcoal, Metallic Blue, Metallic Brown, and Metallic Gray.
SKU P-301-AL
Weight 12.00 lbs
Price: $26.00