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6" Cast Iron Pipe Damper

6" Cast Iron Pipe Damper
In some cases, a chimney can be too tall, sometimes resulting in an overdraft situation that the damper installed in the stove may not be able to handle as well alone. A pipe damper can help in these situations. This item consists of a cast iron round plate that will fit inside of a stove pipe with the control using the spiral handle. After drilling a hole through the single wall pipe, the rod is inserted through the hole, through the cast iron disk where it will provide a locking tension to allow the stove owner to control how much of the damper that needs to be open depending on the draft. The damper needs to be installed in an area of stovepipe that is accessible to the homeowner and into a straight section of pipe to allow for complete turning.
Weight 5.00 lbs
Price: $10.00