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7" Round Polypro Chimney Brush

7" Round Polypro Chimney Brush
The 7" round Polypro Chimney Brush is a heavy duty plastic bristle brush that is designed to be used as an alternative to a standard wire brush when used within a metal pipe and chimney system as well as a 7" rigid style stainless steel liner. If you have a 7" flexible stainless liner-see the 6" Polypro brush to make it easier to slide through the corrugated liner. It will remove any deposits of ash or creosote from your venting system without damaging the inner lining.We recommend that you inspect your chimney at least every six months and whether it needs it or not, make sure you have your chimney swept every year before the next heating system by a professional chimney sweep. If you prefer to do it yourself, this brush is what the professionals use. Make sure you order enough chimney rods to complete your task. Made in Canada.
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