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6" Crimp - 7" Non-Crimp Adapter

6" Crimp - 7" Non-Crimp Adapter
Heavy duty 22 gauge stovepipe adapter. This adapter can be installed with it's 6" crimped end facing the stove or inserted into the pipe below. The 7" female end can be used to adapt to a 7" masonry thimble that has a metal sleeve inserted into it that will allow the adapter to slide over that sleeve and be attached on the outside. It can also be used to attach to a high temperature metal chimney that has a 7" ID. Proper installation of a prefab chimney should include a chimney pipe adapter that will drop down from the chimney a few inches. This adapter can provide installation over that adapter at the chimney to provide the same male end down installation when using a 7" chimney and 6" stovepipe. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the correct adapter for using 6" pipe on a Model 202 Palladian or Model 204 Keystone stove with 7" flue collar. The correct adapter is the VSB76. Please read the detailed description for the VSB76 regarding changes to the front floor protection clearance. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions.
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Weight 5.00 lbs
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Price: $50.00