6" x 18" Slip Pipe

6" x 18" Slip Pipe
Most pipe found at hardware/home stores is "snap together" pipe made from 24 or 26 gauge metal. This pipe is great for retailers because it can be stored flat, but not so good for homeowners. We carry pipe that is constructed of heavier steel (22 gauge) and the welded seams ensure stability in the event of a chimney fire. Pipe lengths have male and female ends rather than crimped ends. The female end of each pipe has predrilled screw holes and come with sheet metal screws to secure joints together.

The 18" slip pipe is tapered all the way down its length. This allows it to slip inside another straight section of pipe. Slide it inside another straight pipe and then use the sheeet metal screws provided to secure the connection. Each slip pipe comes with a special collar to reduce the gap between the slip pipe and the straight pipe.

The pipe comes finished in matte black standard, but can be painted to match any of our five high temperature stove colors.
Weight 4.00 lbs
pipe Color
Price: $28.00