Fireside Gas Components

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G-20a(LP) Orifice
SKU: G-20a(LP)
Fireside Franklin Orifice For Liquid Propane
Price: $8.00

G-20b(NG) Orifice
SKU: G-20b(NG)
Fireside Franklin Gas Stove Orifice or Natural Gas.
Price: $8.00

G-335 FF/MF C1 Pilot Gasket
SKU: G-335
Fireside Franklin/Mini Franklin C1 Pilot Gasket
Price: $3.00

G-4 Stove Base
SKU: G-4
Fireside Franklin Gas Stove Base
Price: $80.00

G-40 FF Log Set
SKU: G-40
FF Log Set
Price: $80.00

Temporarily Out of stock G-41 Main Burner Pan
SKU: G-41
Fireside Franklin Gas Stove Main Burner Pan, Stainless Steel, Seams Hand Welded.
Price: $200.00

G-42 Control Panel & Cover
SKU: G-42
Fireside Franklin Gas Stove Control Panel and Cover.
Price: $18.00

Temporarily Out of stock G-60(NG) SIT Controller
SKU: G-60(NG)
Fireside Frankiin Gas Stove Gas Valve For Natural Gas
Price: $110.00

Temporarily Out of stock G-61(LP) SIT Controller
SKU: G-61(LP)
Fireside Franklin Gas Stove Gas Valve for Liquid Propane
Price: $110.00

G-65 Manifold Flex Tube
SKU: G-65
Fireside Franklin Gas Stove Manifold Flex Tube.
Price: $20.00

PSE-TC 24" Thermocouple Only
24" Thermocouple Only-Aluminum Coated-for all PSE pilot assemblies
Price: $8.25

W-1603 Controller Plate Gasket
SKU: W-1603
Fireside Franklin Gas Stove Controller Plate Gasket
Price: $1.50


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