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Mini Gas stove parts

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Quantity Product Description Price / Options
G-20D MF LP Orifice #66
SKU: G-20D
Mini Franklin LP Orifice #66
Price: $7.00

G-20E MF NG Orifice #53
SKU: G-20E
Mini Franklin NG Orifice #53
Price: $7.00

G-272 CF/MF LP Pilot Assembly
SKU: G-272
Cottage Franklin LP Pilot Assembly
Price: $54.00

G-273 CF/MF NG Pilot Assembly
SKU: G-273
Cottage Franklin / Mini Franklin NG Pilot Assembly
Price: $54.00

G-306 MF Firebox
SKU: G-306
Mini Franklin Firebox
Price: $160.00

G-310 MF Pressure Relief Door
SKU: G-310
Mini Franklin Pressure Relief Door
Price: $5.00

G-311 MF Stainless Steel Hindge
SKU: G-311
Mini Franklin Stainless Steel Hindge
Price: $11.00

G-313 MF Adapter 3" x 4 5/8"
SKU: G-313
Mini Franklin Adapter 3" x 4 5/8"
Price: $35.00

G-314 MF Inner Sleeve Adapter
SKU: G-314
Mini Franklin Inner Sleeve Adapter
Price: $12.00

G-315 MF Glass
SKU: G-315
Mini Franklin Glass From Schott AG
Price: $16.00

G-316 MF Window Frame
SKU: G-316
Mini Franklin Window Frame
Price: $18.00

G-329 MF Manifold Tube
SKU: G-329
Mini Franklin Manifold Tube.
Price: $14.00

G-332B MF Log Set
SKU: G-332B
Mini Franklin Log Set, Small Logs
Price: $27.00

G-333 MF Maxitrol Control Valve NG/LP
SKU: G-333
Mini Franklin Maxitrol Control Valve NG/LP
Price: $80.00
Regular Price: $90.00 save 11%

G-335 FF/MF C1 Pilot Gasket
SKU: G-335
Fireside Franklin/Mini Franklin C1 Pilot Gasket
Price: $3.00

G-98 1/2 x 18" SS Flex Hose
SKU: G-98
Stainless Steel Flex Hose 1/2 x 18"
Price: $6.00

Temporarily Out of stock K-326 MF Burner Pan Kit
SKU: K-326
Mini Franklin Burner Pan Kit
Price: $80.00

PSE-TC 24" Thermocouple Only
24" Thermocouple Only-Aluminum Coated-for all PSE pilot assemblies
Price: $8.25


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