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Cottage parts including Controller

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Cera-1 CF Pilot Riser (1/2" Cerafelt)
SKU: Cera-1
Cottage Franklin Pilot Riser
Price: $5.00

G-118 CF Top Relief Cover
SKU: G-118
Cottage Franklin Top Relief Cover
Price: $6.00

G-119 CF Back Relief Cover
SKU: G-119
Cottage Frankin Back Relief Cover
Price: $6.00

G-140 CF Glass
SKU: G-140
Cottage Franklin Glass From Schott AG
Price: $35.00

G-242 CF Control Valve Support Bracket - Maxitrol
SKU: G-242
Cottage Franklin Control Valve Bracket
Price: $10.00

G-246 CF Window Frame
SKU: G-246
Cottage Franklin Window Frame
Price: $20.00

G-248 CF Top Window Clip(2)
SKU: G-248
Cottage Franklin Top Window Clips
Price: $5.00

G-251 CF Switch Mount Box w/On-Off Switch & Wires
SKU: G-251
Cottage Franklin Switch Mount Box
Price: $40.00

G-260 CF Burner Pan
SKU: G-260
Cottage Franklin Burner Pan
Price: $135.00

G-263D CF LP/NG Manifold Tube For Maxitrol
SKU: G-263D
Cottage Franklin LP/NG Manifold Tube For Maxitrol
Price: $14.00

G-269A Cottage Franklin LP Bulkhead Orifice
SKU: G-269A
Cottage Franklin LP Bulkhead Orifice
Price: $5.00

G-270 CF LP/NG Controller w/ Ignitor Wire
SKU: G-270
Cottage Franklin LP/NG Controller
Price: $120.00

Temporarily Out of stock G-276 CF Protective Diode w/ Cable
SKU: G-276
Cottage Franklin Protective Diode
Price: $10.50

G-50 CF Log Set
SKU: G-50
Cottage Franklin Log Set
Price: $52.00

G-79 CF Window Clip Springs 3"
SKU: G-79
Cottage Franklin Window Clip Springs 3"
Price: $3.00

G-90 CF Flue Adapter
SKU: G-90
Cottage Franklin Flue Adapter
Price: $15.00

PSE-TC 24" Thermocouple Only
24" Thermocouple Only-Aluminum Coated-for all PSE pilot assemblies
Price: $8.25


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