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Snow & Nealley 8lb Maul 32" Handle W/Guard
Snow & Nealley of Maine specially designed to make wood splitting easier. Unique contouring from mid-head to blade forces the wood apart once it's set into the log. Handle length is 32". If your intent is to chop some wood, this will make the job a lot easier! Their genuine leather blade guard is included for your safety.

Price: $96.00
Soapstone Cook Top for the Fireview or Classic stove
Ever want to cook on your stove but find the top is too hot? This soapstone panel is cut to fit inside the cast iron frame of your stove top. It will sit "stone to stone" on either the left or the right half of your top lid. In general temperatures on the cooking stone are 1/2 that on the stove top directly.

Price: $50.00
Quantity Temporarily Out of stock
Soapstone Bootwarmers
Soapstone bootwarmers dry boots and gloves from the inside out. Price is per PAIR.

Price: $8.00
Bootwarmer size
Ash Holder
Ash holder with piano-hinged lid.

Price: $102.00
Backsaver Wood Tote
This is the best log carrier we've ever seen. Apron design transfers equal weight to your shoulders and leaves one hand free for the door!

Price: $40.00
Stove Top Thermometer
Displays surface temperatures at a glance.

Price: $12.00
Catalytic Probe Thermometer
Catalytic Probe Thermometer can be used in all of our woodstoves to measure internal firebox temperatures near the combustor.

Price: $30.00
Quantity Temporarily Out of stock
Vintage Iron and Suede Folding Log Carrier
Combination log holder and suede log carrier is a complement to your hearth

Price: $239.00
Forged Iron Wood Holder
Made by Pilgrim Home and Hearth. Designed to fit most hearths. Made from forged iron and then powder coated to strengthen and protect. It's size is 22" wide x 23" high x 13" deep and comes unassembled.

Price: $155.00
Virgin Wool Hearth Rug 44"W x 22" D. 1/2 Round.
Heat and flame retardant, the perfect accessory for the hearth.

Price: $94.00
Rug Color
Rear Heat Shield and Pipe Shield Kits
These heat shield kits make reducing clearance to a combustible wall easy, inexpensive, and unobtrusive. Heat shields mount right to the back of the stove & pipe making them very inconspicuous from the front and sides. Choose the right kit for your stove model and color. Certain Older Fireview and Classic models (pre 1990) require a template to drill and tap mounting holes. Please Call

Price: $80.00
Heat Shield Kit For Stove Model
Outside Air Adapter (OAA)
The Outside Air Adapter is used to bring in fresh air into the stove directly from the outside. Required in mobile homes and in WA state. Available for the Fireview 205, Keystone, and Palladian stoves.

Price: $40.00
OAA Model
OAA Color
Progress Hybrid Outside Air Adapter
The adapter allows you to bring combustion air from the outdoors directly to the stove.

Price: $55.00
Progress Hybrid Ashpan Assembly
Progress Hybrid Ashpan Kit designed to bolt to the bottom of the stove to allow the ashes to fall through grate into removable pan.

Price: $195.00
Stove Scents
Put a drop or two in your kettle or steamer and enjoy fragrance throughout your home. There are five scent options. For wood or gas stoves.

Price: $9.00
Hand Forged Black Iron Tongs 30"
Unique Hand Forged Black Iron Tongs designed to grip logs with a clamp like hold. Complements the Shovel,Brush, and Poker also listed here.

Price: $37.00
Black Iron Hearth Brush 30"
Vintage style black iron hearth brush. Hand forged 1/2" stock. Complements the Poker, Tongs, and Shovel.

Price: $20.00
5 Piece Short Tool Set
Compact tool set perfect for wood stoves.

Price: $179.00
Cast Iron Enameled Double Apple Baker
Make delicious baked apples in our double apple baker. Apple bakers are porcelain-coated for quick and easy clean up.

Price: $30.00
High Temperature Stove & Pipe Paint
This high temperature paint is high quality, fast drying, and stable up to 1200° F. Available in all five of our stove casting colors. Not available for Air Shipment.

Price: $10.00
Chimney Inspection Mirror
Chimney Inspection Mirror telescopes up to 27" to allow you to inspect your chimney for ash and creosote build up. Vinyl grip handle.

Price: $35.00
4 Foot Chimney Rod
4 foot Fiberglass Chimney Rod can be used with either the 5",6" or 7" Polypro and the 6" and 7" wire Chimney Brushes.

Price: $22.00
6' Fiberglass Chimney Rod
6 foot Fiberglass Chimney Rod can be used with either the 5", 6", or 7" Polypro or 6" and 7" wire Chimney Brushes.

Price: $29.00
6" Round Wire Chimney Brush
6" Round Wire Chimney Brushes are made of 22 gauge wire twisted into a heavy duty spindle with a 3/8" PT connecting nipple on one end and a 3/4" wire loop on the other and are designed to clean masonry chimneys.

Price: $39.00
7" Round Polypro Chimney Brush
The Polypro Chimney Brush is designed to be used with a 7" stove pipe and stainless steel chimney system as well as a 7" rigid stainless steel liner system.

Price: $27.00
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