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Palladian Internal Parts

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Quantity Product Description Price / Options
W-174 FV/KS/PA Fallaway Handle
SKU: W-174
W-174 Fireview/Keystone/Palladian Fallaway Handle
Price: $10.00

W-293 FV/KS/PA V-Pocket
SKU: W-293
W-293 FV/KS/PA V-Pocket
Price: $4.50

W-203 KS/PA Leg (Price per Each)
SKU: W-2031
Price: $15.00

Stove Color
W-207 KS/PA Door Frame
SKU: W-2071
KS/PA Door Frame
Price: $40.00

Stove Color
W-231 KS/PA Grate
SKU: W-231
KS/PA Grate
Price: $72.00

K-232/233 KS/PA Door Handle and Latch Kit
SKU: W-2321
KS/PA Door Handle and Latch
Price: $18.00

Stove Color
W-234 KS/PA Base
SKU: W-2341
KS/PA Base
Price: $150.00

Stove Color
W-235 KS/PA Ash Door
SKU: W-2351
KS/PA Ash Door
Price: $28.00

Stove Color
W-236 KS/PA Ash Door Lock
SKU: W-2361
KS/PA Ash Door Lock
Price: $8.50

Stove Color
W-237 KS/PA Ash Door Handle
SKU: W-2371
KS/PA Ash Door Handle
Price: $8.50

Stove Color
W-2404 Black Phenolic Knob
SKU: W-2404
W-2404 Black Phenolic Knob
Price: $3.25

W-241 KS/PA Rear Wall
SKU: W-2411
KS/PA Rear Wall
Price: $104.25

Stove Color
W-242 KS/PA Top
SKU: W-2421
Price: $115.00

Stove Color
W-246 KS/PA Clamp Frame
SKU: W-246
KS/PA Clamp Frame
Price: $76.50

W-255 KS/PA Damper
SKU: W-255
KS/PA Damper
Price: $9.00

W-256 KS/PA Damper Guide
SKU: W-256
KS/PA Damper Guide
Price: $9.00

W-257 KS/PA Damper Handle
SKU: W-257
KS/PA Damper Handle
Price: $9.00

W-258 KS/PA Instruction Plate
SKU: W-258
KS/PA Instruction Plate
Price: $9.00

W-262 KS/PA Stainless Steel Bypass Shaft
SKU: W-262
KS/PA Stainless Steel Bypass Shaft
Price: $20.00

W-263 KS/PA U-Bolt
SKU: W-263
KS/PA U-Bolt
Price: $8.50

W-265 KS/PA Damper Link
SKU: W-265
KS/PA Damper Link
Price: $1.50

W-291&2 KS/PA Ash Pan w/ Lid
SKU: W-291-292
KS/PA Ash Pan w/ Lid
Price: $35.00

W-294 KS/PA Bottom Heat Shield
SKU: W-294
KS/PA Bottom Heat Shield
Price: $20.00

W-312 FV/KS/PA Window Clips
SKU: W-312
W-312 Fireview/Keystone/Palladian Window Clips
Price: $1.50


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